Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download

The beta version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 which was leaked more than 2 months ago has received special attention of the user over the world, it’s the time to Bitdefender – the rival of Kaspersky, Norton,…launch the beta version of Bitdefender Total Security 2012 – a new generation of the key product from Bitdefender with many unique features improved!
BitDefender Total Security 2011 free 90 days download

What’s new?

Autopilot: No popups/alerts are displayed to the user and also that security issues such as disabled functionalities are automatically fixed.
Scan Dispatcher: Although the name may suggest On-access scanning or Real Time Protection, it’s nothing like that. It’s a new type of scanning, very similar with an On-demand scan, but it is extremely light, nearly invisible as resource consumption. It quietly scans all your data for malware and takes the appropriate actions for any infection found. It only works when your PC is idle, or close to it. Auto Scan only initiates after one hour of computer up time.

bitdefender total security 2012 download free

Rescue Mode: When selected, it prompts the user with an Installation and Reboot message. If the user agrees to reboot the system, his system will reboot in a stripped down Linux version with an easy to use BitDefender scanning wizard.
Online backup: This feature has been improved. The update Online Backup monitors your important files and instanly backs them up to a secure remote server whenever a change is detected. Bitdefender Total Security 2012 comes with 2GB of free storage.
Streamlined installation: improve the time requested to install BitDefender 2012.
Integrated Cloud service: The real-time, global interchange of data betweeb BitDefender server in the cloud and BitDefender 2012 products ensures that emerging e-threats, such as virus outbreaks and major waves, are dealt with swiftly.
Social Networking Protection: Prevent dangerous threats from social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,…
File Sync: help you synchronize files between your PCs easily with Safebox. BitDefender SafeBox is a light Online Backup solution that is easy to use and integrated with Windows Explorer in such a way that you will have access to all you need one right click away.


Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download
More information here!


Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download

Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download

Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download

Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download

Review BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta Free Download

Download BitDefender Total Security 2012 beta

The beta version of BitDefender Total Security 2012 can be downloaded here.


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Have fun!

  • Truth


    Let me explain. I have a new 1 year licence for BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012. After installation my speed was 50-80% of it´s normal. My ping was 500-800 ms and surfing the web was painfully slow. I contacted their customer support almost a week ago and still no response. I wasted my money… Put Avast! 6 free and no problems at all.

    Friendly advice: DO NOT BUY

  • DG

    I do not understand how such a bloated hog for download and install ever got any good reviews.
    I have never had such a problem for years. I have a very fast computer with 4G ram and fast Internet.
    The program right now is on the 3rd attempt for installing. Crazy errors such as failed download :Bad CRC, etc.
    I have had to go through contortions to get this far on attempt 3. NO response from HERMAN Street where I bought it.


  • ffff

    bitdefender internet security 2012 is 225 mb :O very big file awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • munish

    bit defender internet security 2012 codes plz give me codes

  • Akhil s naik

    Bitdefender 2012 Beta provides 100 Days Free license for Testing Purpose. also It do provides Autoplot Mode Where user no need to worry about scanning progres.. it does the all Same in background. In short Love It.
    3hi3 3hi3

  • TechWafer

    It’s very expensive 3if3 3if3 but it’s the best anti virus.

  • Nikhil

    Nice Review 3inluv3
    will give it a shot soon 3jog3

  • Tech@blackberry playbook

    Nice review. Bit defender is one of the best Anti virus software but It’s expensive :(

  • Craig

    Could someone clarify, If I execute the 2mb file from the download link, I will get a free beta of BitDefender 2012?
    How long will it work?
    Ricky said there is a BitDefender contest but I can’t find any info on it and I am a member of their forums. I even checked out the beta site which said there currenly are no beta campaigns. Does anyone have a link for that info?

  • ricky


    I have downloaded Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 Beta version recently and found that the UI of it has massive improvement compared to previous version. What i need to mention about Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 Beta is the slow installation process as scanning and installing process run simultaneously.
    By the way, there is a contest organized by Bitdefender for beta tester.