Free Screen Recorder: HyperCam 3 Review & Giveaway Serial Key

For capturing screen actions and saving it to create a video presentations, tutorials or demo-clips, I recommend using HyperCam – a perfect alternative of Camtasia Studio. Tiny, simple, stylish and powerful are what we can feel in this handy software. Freebiest want to introduce what useful from HyperCam 3 to you and we hold a giveaway also in cooperation with Solveig Multimedia. The giveaway is available for Freebiest forum members only, from the early of April 17th to the end of April 21th, 2011.

HyperCam is the great product from Solveig Multimedia:
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About HyperCam

Developed directly from the famous program of Hyperionics LLC: HyperCam with more features to more useful and compatible with Windows 7, HyperCam 3 is a perfect solution for screen recording (both video and audio).

Free Screen Recorder: HyperCam 3 Review & Giveaway Serial Key

Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly interface, pre-defined hot-keys for recording actions, built-in video editor, comprehensive text notes workflow, various settings, command line interface, small installation size and more than affordable price – that is what makes HyperCam 3 a must-have tool.

They were not bragging when introducing their products that way, exactly, those are what I’m feeling.

What can HyperCam do?

* Saving captured data to AVI, WMV/ASF files: HyperCam offers you 3 options to capture
– Capture from a region: You can choose the starting coordinates and ending coordinates, move or expand/shrink to capture from the exact region.
– Capture from fullscreen.
– Capture from Window: It allows you chose the window you wanna capture. This option is so useful for who wanna grab a movie or game which playing on a web browser.
* Encoding video/audio with codecs presented on PC.
* Editing captured AVI files with K-Frame accuracy (trim and join).
* Comprehensive screen notes workflow.

Free Screen Recorder: HyperCam 3 Review & Giveaway Serial Key


We’ve tested on Windows 7, capturing fullscreen with HyperCam 3. What’s the good and the bad we got?

The good
– Easy to chose an option you need.
– There are many options for video output.
– In the capturing processing, HyperCam will show in tray tool-bar, you can pause, stop, lock in this tray easily.
– It uses less system resources.
– Does not affect to the working of other processes.
– You can note on screen.
– The help box can be very useful for the first using.
– The space of output video on disk will be tiny if you compress it as a .rar/.zip file for sharing. (In my test, from 85.9 MB became 19.7 MB for a video long 1 minute and 11 seconds, 1280×800 px in size.
– Support HD quality for the output video which compatible with Youtube.

The bad
– The quality of output video when capture with fullscreen option isn’t really perfect, but still good!
– I got some difficulties when recording with Region option: after select the coordinates of starting and ending, I can’t get starting record!

Enjoy our testing video below:

Freebiest giveaway

To celebrate the birth of Freebiest forum, in cooperation between Freebiest and Solveig Multimedia, we offer our forum members can active HyperCam 3 100% free (worth 29.95 EURO). If you have not been yet, let’s register a free account to discuss with our members, share your giveaway (you know or own) and get special freebies for our members only.

The giveaway will run since 17th – till 21st April. During this period, let’s visit this topic to download the setup file and the special serial code, then active it immediately because after these dates the keys gets invalid.

The giveaway will be closed after:

Let’s subscribe our site with feedburner to get daily giveaway information, and enjoy free with your friend by sharing this giveaway on your Facebook, Twitter. Have fun!

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