Outpost Security Suite Pro Review & Giveaway

Extremely popular with Outpost Firewall Pro, Agnitum is one of the most security vendor who deliver comprehensive security solutions. As a flag-ship products of Agnitum, Outpost Security Suite Pro integrates all the advanced security technology. Includes the best firewall in the industry of Outpost Firewall Pro, a powerful proactive protection technologies of Outpost Antivirus Pro, the network security & privacy protection of Outpost Network Security and an effective anti-malware engine…Outpost Security Suite Pro is rated as having the potential to become a leader in the Internet Security Suite market along with Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

To celebrate one year of Freebiest’s foundation anniversary, Freebiest organize a giveaway for Outpost Security Suite Pro from August 2nd to August 4th, 2011 in which you can get 1 year license of this software for free.


agnitum outpost security suite pro 7.5 giveawayOutpost Security Suite Pro delivers comprehensive, multilayered protection against all types of Internet threat with minimal impact on PC performance to brings more targeted security to Windows PC users. Outpost Security Suite Pro is an all-in-one protection which offers essential, powerful and advanced features: Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware, Firewall, Privacy & Parental Control,…
The security suite has three years’ record of VB100 awards.

Key Benefits

– Virus Bulletin VB100 certified virus and spyware protection
– Preemptive protection secures against new and unknown threats
– Minimal impact on system performance
– Secured network and web connections
– Fast, safe and private web browsing
– Automatic configuration (Auto-Learn and cloud-based ImproveNet)
– Subsequent malware scans up to 10 times faster
– Intuitive security decision-making
– Bulletproof self-defense
– Real-time monitoring of security-related activities and events
– Minimal hardware requirements
– Entertainment mode for uninterrupted games and streaming video


Anti-Malware (Antivirus + Antispyware):
o File Monitor and Scanner – scans system and files in real time or on demand.
o Mail Antivirus – scans email attachments.
o Web Antivirus – scans web pages for viruses and bad scripts.
o USB virus protection – combats or blocks USB device auto-run vulnerability.
o eXtended Heurist ics Analyzer (HAX) engine – scans critical system locations.

Two-way firewall to keep network connections secure:
o Inbound and outbound system and application firewall.
o Attack Detection – detects attacks from the local networks and Internet.
o IP BlockList – updatable list of blocked IPs.

Proactive Protection modules to preemptively block unknown and new threats and prevent misuse of system and application data:
o Anti-Leak – prevents suspicious activity to block unknown threats and prevent data
o Applicat ion Guard – secures IDs and passwords used with most popular applications
from inappropriate access or malicious hijacking.
o System Guard – protects key system settings and program data from misuse or
malware compromise.
o File and Folder Lock blocks access to designated files and folders.

Web Control to protect against online risks and block Internet clutter:
o URL blacklist with automatically updated list of spying and malware sites.
o Ad blocking with automatically updated list of ad distribution networks.
o Customizable content filtering/parental block.
o Active Content block – restricts scripts/executable code/media elements in email
messages and on web pages.
o ID block – blocks outbound transmission of personal information.

Anti-spam to keep inboxes clean of junk emails.

Advanced activity monitoring tools to display real- time program activity and connection status:
o Process Activity Monitor for real-time monitoring of active processes.
o File and Registry Activity Monitor for on-demand recording of system events

Log Viewer to provide a record of past system activity.

Automated and password-protected configurations.

Outpost Security Suite Pro Review & Giveaway

Pros & Cons

– Outpost Security Suite Pro recommended using by security experts thanks one of the best firewalls in the industry.
– The Antivirus works at best effectively.
– Good Antispyware with a smart scanning engines.
– Real-time protection is working very well quietly.
– The processing of scanning is fast and deep.
– The User Interface is clear and modern, easy to use.
– Good price: $29.95/1yr/1PC.
– Friendly support.

In the previous versions, sometime Anti-malware engines doesn’t work at best but the lasted version 7.5.1 they improved.


As the all-in-one security suite, although some certain areas for improvement but Outpost Security Suite Pro is a brilliant security choice for your PC system. Specially, with Outpost Security Suite Pro, you own the best firewall powerfully and effectively.

Giveaway Promotion

To celebrate one year of Freebiest’s foundation anniversary, Freebiest in association with Agnitum Team organize a giveaway for Outpost Security Suite Pro v7.5. From August 2nd to August 4th, 2011, we offer you the chance to get 1 year license of Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro worth $29.95 for free.
Thanks for the generosity of Agnitum Team – the sponsor of this giveaway, you can get a free copy of Outpost Security Suite Pro by access our promo page here and use our promo code bellow in your registration:


Outpost Security Suite Pro  Registration Code
The promo page will generate your registration key code immediately. Copy-paste it to the Outpost registration window to active!

– The promo page and promo code still work in fact!
– Please make sure that you use download links from the promo page ONLY.

  • Irena Dyakover

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    But hope it work good its soft.

  • Irena Dyakover

    i havent code.
    But hope it work good its soft.

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    I installed this amazing firewall suite is working as a charm the Promo code worked and and the license key is 1 year long so you guys lost the one of kind promotions 3jog3 bye bye 3graduate3

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    Freebiest, happy anniversary! Thank you for working hard for us, love your site!

  • joe

    Well no luck for me either. It took me to registration page i signed up got a livrdnvr code and cant enter it into program. I semt email to them to get a new one and it said key is active till 1/08/12 only 5 months. I tried following instructions to put registrationcode posted above and it wont evne let me enter it


    • http://freebiest.com Editor

      So sorry for your bad-luck! The promotion is only valid until Aug 4th 2011!

  • Arie

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    GOD bless you 3hi3

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    Happy 1st anniversary, Freebiest! Wish you all the best!
    In all the commotion caused by Agnitum’s ineptitude and underhanded tactics, many of us failed to congratulate you, apologies for that!

  • Me2

    Will not accept code above: 9XH3K-DGBQ9-48SWC-WSK8K-C49IV

    Any resolution?

    • Me2

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    The key is invalid for the new version of OSS 7.5.1… Is this a joke??? I am very angry…

  • http://yo9fah.net/ yo9fah

    The promo, It is not the final version (Release date: July 14, 2011
    Version: 7.5.1 (3791.596.1681) but other older 7.5.0 (3720.574.1668.464)

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  • sup

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    will this upgrade to 7.5.1? With installer, I chose to not include the anti-malware and use avast instead.

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  • http://ayurvedicpower.blogspot.com Sangam Parb

    Hello, i got my key but when i tried to enter the key it says that key is invalid what is this new problem

  • joe

    Please, can you clear if there is requirement for the installation/activation period – is it just for promotional time or what is?

    Appreciate the giveaway and your efforts in Freebiest, thanks and congratulations for the anniversary one year!!!

  • Mounir

    It’s working now! Setup files on the promotion links page + generated code
    Thanks again freebiest and agnitum!

  • Mounir

    The download link of the setup file from the promotion page is now working. I’m going to try with this setup file!

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    • http://freebiest.com JJ

      I’m so sorry for some problem with the download link. But the promo code is still working. The Agnitum Team will fix soon.
      I’m sorry again!

      Best regards,
      Freebiest Team

      • dsf

        The key generated it’s not working! This is the BIG problem! I think this “giveaway” is for some people not for all those who visit your blog!
        You should specify the region! Although it is a mediocre security suite (VirusBuster and Outpost), maybe the firewall is a decent one. So, from now on don’t fool other people and tell us is only from a region and not for all!
        I will not trust you again!!!

        • Kaka

          dsf, its working now, check again 😀

        • http://freebiest.com Editor

          The registration key only work on the installation file which download at our promo page. Agnitum has just updated the download links. Please check again!
          Sorry for the inconvenience!

          • gigi

            it’s ok now. thank you ! :)

          • dsf

            It is not the latest version of Outpost SS! ( it’s 7.5 not 7.5.1) Agnitum keeps fools us! Thanks but no thanks!!!
            I will not let my computer on Agnitum’s “hands”, especially on this version, full of bugs and heavier than the latest one!!!

          • joe schmoe

            I will install the firewall and web control only. This is good that way, I can still keep avast as my av. The proactive module in 7.5 is unable to be turned off. That bug was fixed in 7.5.1. The firewall though is still very good and this is one of the very few firewalls that can block ads without manually updating block lists all the time. Thanks.

      • mo

        “The biggest problem is not the download link, invalid license keys is the reel problem here!”
        Submitted a request to Agnitium yesterday, explaining the problem, still no reply.
        Will remove Outpost SSP from my PC if I don’t see a solution within a couple of hours.

  • Sam

    Thanks a lot JJ… 3try3

    Registration info for Outpost Security Suite Pro giveaway 1Y Single.
    Your key will expire on 01-08-2012.


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      Is it still valid?

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    404 error.


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    This turned out to be a usual Agnitum “giveaway” – no license email [still OK, you get the key from the page], download links not found, keys not working…
    Unfortunately, some things never change. Why, Agnitum, why?

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    The download links posted on promotion site are not working.

    • http://freebiest.com JJ

      I’m sorry man! Agnitum will fix it soon!

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    Same here, updated program would not register, tried manually, double checked too, Not registered. Anybody from Freebiest available to question outpost on this?

  • mo

    To Dacko:
    Regarding your Promotion code is valid answer.
    Sorry, but that does not work for me! Tried both ways, same message. Agnitum however, guides You to copy & paste the license.
    Ref: https://www.agnitum.com/support/kb/article.php?id=1000022&lang=en

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    Promotion code is valid. Carefully enter it manually, do not copy and paste. Happy anniversary and thanks for this giveaway.

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    I will skip this “joke” from Agnitum!
    Anyway congratulations for 1 year…

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    Thanks for reply:) 3hmm3

  • gigi

    “The information that you have entered is either incomplete or invalid.”
    What is wrong with this code?

    • http://freebiest.com JJ

      Did you filled the form with same my information? Please use your private information!

      • gigi

        sorry, but I think it is something wrong with the generated code.

      • Billy

        Can you please look into why these codes are generating an error and not taking? I am sure there are many that would greatly appreciate it.. I would be one for sure!

    • Billy

      I am getting the same error “The information that you have entered is either incomplete or invalid.”

      • http://freebiest.com JJ

        Could you please enter the promo code by manual carefully again and tell me the result? It’s working very well in my testing!

        • Billy

          It is producing the same result, I did it twice to be sure…

        • BIlly

          Ok, have tried 3 times manually, no luck, i tried to “cut” it in sections, copy and paste, no luck.. Above when you enter your info with the promo code, it asks for your email to send you a key, have received nothing..
          If I contact their support, which i found is not an easy task, will they honor this and help register it?

          • Majkel

            Comfirmed, its nowt working :( ven downkoad links posted on promotion site are not working

        • Billy

          Just hit me what you said about entering the promo code manually, it is not the promo code that is the problem, it is license keys it is generating that are not working..

          • http://freebiest.com JJ

            Please make sure that you use download links from the promo page ONLY. In my lasted checking, the promo page still work!

          • Billy

            this is what i get no matter what browser i use when trying to use the download links provided on the promo page (404. File not found.)

          • http://freebiest.com JJ

            I’m so sorry. I’ve reported Agnitum Team and still waiting for their solving. So sorry and hope you will check again in a few hours later!

          • Billy

            Thank you for reporting, and understand things happen.. Will check it first thing in the morning.

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  • jan nowaczyk


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    Thanks and congratulations for Freebiest’s foundation anniversary one year!!

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    I already own a license and to be honest,i’m not impressed at all with this suite.When i open a new installer (at least for Agnitum) , i have to wait few good seconds before the program can install itself,because OSS verifies it and it’s too damn slow!Never happened with another AV,HIPS program or Comodo IS.So…uninstalled.It’s a very big “room” for performance improvements.

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