Free Download PogoPlug Premium Software License

PogoPlug Premium Software is what you need to turn your computer into a personal cloud and stream your data (photo, music, video,…) to the web. This is software version of PogoPlug, which is supposed to do basically what their hardware based Pogoplug does, but on your own computer. You have to spend $29 for Premium to access on the Internet – which you can’t when using Free version. PogoPlug is giving it away for 100% free this time!

PogoPlug Premium Software can
– Turn any computer into a multimedia streaming device
– Access your files from any connected device, anywhere
– Free your phone from storage limits by streaming your media to your mobile
– Send videos, photos and massive files instantly
– Stream photos and videos to most media players and gaming consoles

PogoPlug Premium Software Free


– Access your files from anywhere: Remotely access your files through any supported Web browser or using one of Pogoplug’s free mobile apps.
– The end of email attachments: Share files, photos, music, movies and more instantly, and without uploading or attaching.
– Free your mobile phone from storage limits: Don’t worry about which music or movies to carry with you—access and stream all of them, anytime and with no fees.
– Post to social networks: Share directly to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
– Stream to your media player: Access and stream content directly to most media players, including Playstation® 3, Xbox 360® and Internet-enabled televisions.
– Easy for anyone: No advanced setup or configuration required. Simply download our software, and we’ll make your data accessible from anywhere.
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Free Download PogoPlug Premium License

Free giveaway software

PogoPlug is cooperating with some websites to give PogoPlug Premium Software away, limited about quantity of copies given away in each, so if free license cap has been reached when you try one, let’s try another promotion page!
Note: If all promo pages above has been reached, you can use Hide My IP (premium, discount 50% off) or Ultrasurf (free) to fake your IP then try again!
Have fun!

  • Daniel

    Well it worked for me. However it one per IP address, try going to a public PC like I just did :)

    • Kevin


      What link did you used?

  • TechSkyer

    I was late for this, so sad 3runaway3

  • daniel tosh

    WTF?! This freebie was advertised on Slickdeals 48 hours ago with the same magazine codes and WAS ALREADY UNAVAILABLE 48 HOURS AGO!

  • Joseph Ashe

    This is nothing but a frick’in SCAM who’s goal is to con you into paying for their product by making it appear they’re really giving you special favor with their “claimed” $10.00 off discount. Companies who engage in such misleading promotionals are not worthy of my, or anyone else’s, trust. As far as I’m concerned they can go to you know where !

  • Chi Dog

    DAMN! TOO LATE already : (((

    Chaning IP doesn’t help : ((

    Boehoe! Whom has one to spare? I might have something to trade…?

    Thank you.