Winners List: Revo Uninstaller Pro 35 Free Licenses

After 6 days running of the contest Revo Uninstaller Pro 2.5.1, sponsor by VS Revo Group, there are so many participants took their chances. 290 participants is the numbers exceeds my imagination, but only 35 lucky readers will be picked by random.

As our announcement before, we will very appreciate who share the information about this contest to Twitter/ Facebook/ Forums….They will have more chances to get it: one more for each of sharing. That’s the reason why have 309 items on our list of participants.
We used to picked 35 lucky readers from 309 participants. 35 first items will be our contest winners.
And, they are…
Winners: Revo Uninstaller Pro 35 Free Licenses
(Timestamp: 2011-04-21 16:33:07 UTC)

By chance, MrGiang (mgbabylon@ – who have 3 chances in this contest) is at 27 and 28 on list of first 35 items, so one opportunitie will be ceded back to item no.36.

Some readers in above list will be removed because they didn’t comply our rules,

big-red@… Reason: Unsubscribe our feed.
dishwara@…Reason: Unsubscribe our feed.
luca.t@…Reason: Unsubscribe our feed.
luxmentis4u.win7-vj@… Reason: Unverified
heavenonearth6666@…Reason: Unsubscribe our feed.
testgotd@… Reason: Unverified
ostatnibastion@… Reason: Unverified

We will pick next items in randomized list:


The license codes sent to our winners!
Special thanks to VS Revo Group!

  • moses kagimu

    please send me the key for Revo uninstaller pro.

  • Mygan

    Thanks for the license.

  • Compostela

    I`ve been out for holidays and only now I have installed and registered RevoUninstaller Pro.
    Thanks for the license.

  • jack

    Wow I had won it finally. Thanks for the license

  • ded

    Thanks Freebiest and Revo for the license.

  • Mayur

    Received my license Thank you…
    And Congratulations to all the winners…

  • mimi

    Thanks for the license Juno

  • Mark C

    Thank You Freebiest and Revo for this great giveaway.
    I was well pleased to see that I had won,but dissapointed to be able to see my full email address.
    As someone else commented,I hope I don’t get spammed.
    Many thanks again.

  • DevilCat

    Dude, seeing as how you exposed the email addresses of the winners — congrats to emailedr@*, by the way — I’m kinda glad I WASN’T selected.

    VERY uncool to print email addresses: Bad dog…bad, bad dog!

  • Raj

    Received my license thank you…. got lucky in the second list…. Thanks JUNO and VS Revo Group.

  • Jimmy

    Congratulations to all the winners

  • Cocco

    Great, I won (and received) a licence!!!
    Thanks a lot!

  • dumi

    Thanks confirm i have received the license via email!

  • MrGiang

    Congratulate the other winners. Thanks to VS Revo Group and Freebies has held this competition. I really like this software. Sorry to have two comments. Just because I would recommend this to Facebook.

  • pss0612

    My congratulations for all winners. 3hi3

  • big-red

    I also ‘won’ but got rejected because unsubscribed. My fault for not carefully reading the instructions. Have now subscribed. Any chance in future to make it clear that prizes are forfeited if not subscribed. I see that I’m not the only one to miss this. Revo is great. Will continue to use the free version.

  • HM

    Thank you very much for the license and also VS Revo Group! I’m thrilled! This is the first time I’ve won something in an online drawing! I love the software and it will be put to good use!

  • Rich

    Thanks :)

  • http://- Jeanjean

    Congrats to the winners !

  • aijay

    i have won & received license but received license is not working i have tried several times. i downloaded setup which i got in my mail with key & tried by downloading setup through revo site. whats going on? what to do?

  • George

    Congrats to all the winners!
    Maybe next time I’ll be lucky. I gave you good evaluation on mywot.
    Thank you for interesting giveaway.

    • Jang Juno

      Thank George! See you in our next contest!
      Have a happy Easter!

  • malkhaz

    wow, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sylwester

    I am very happy. I won a program Revo Uninstaller Pro and it installed already. It’s great. Thank you very much. 3inluv3

  • al_ganas

    thanks, i confirm i have received the license via email and it activated successfully.

  • alabious

    I was once a winner on freebiest .com, keep up the good job and thanks for the giveaway.

  • me2

    This is great I won. :)

    • me2


  • me2

    Won I am glad :)

  • dishwara

    Even though i won, No.4 , since i didn’t subscribe your feed, i loose what i won.
    Is it correct?

    • Jang Juno

      I’m so sorry and see you in the next giveaway! 3if3

  • walang_sangit

    I didn’t win :(, Congrats to all winners :)

  • tom

    thanks, i confirm i have received the license via email and it activated successfully.

  • Bora

    thanks a lot freebiest! I got it now

  • siddharth

    Wow.I won.Thanks

  • Ashwin

    Thanks for the license Juno 3graduate3

    Congrats to other winners :)

  • Lee

    I didn’t win :(

    The winners list fully shows every winners email address, hope they don’t get spammed.

    I will have to stick with revo uninstaller 1.9.2 (free version) limited and boring.

    Well done everyone that won!

  • Bora

    I won, I’m in the list (34) but I didn’t recieve an e – mail ?

    • Jang Juno

      Please check mail again! 3jog3