Download Zemana AntiLogger Free License Full Version

Zemana AntiLogger is one of the leading program of privacy software which has powerful way to protect your PC from malware attacks and protect against keyloggers. is giving away Zemana AntiLogger 2011 full license 1 year for everyone. Specially, it is for who missed the previous giveaway for Zemana AntiLogger which held by PCWELT.


SSL Logger protection
Webcam Logger protection
Key Logger protection
Clipboard Logger protection
Screen Logger protection
System Defense

Why is Zemana AntiLogger needed?


Its will be more safe if be used in conjunction with Hide My IP program which I reviewed here. (We offer you can get Hide My IP with the best coupon code, discount off up to 50%.)

How to get free full version of Zemana AntiLogger?

Please access this page and enter your information and get your free one via email. Hurry up before it is gone expired!

  • gpc111

    If the key does not work, why is this still being posted? Pull it before people waste their time downloading and installing.

    • Tom

      Why don’t you purchase one?

  • Alan

    The Key Does not Work only has 3 sets of Numbers needs 4 sets
    Thank You

  • whozit

    Product code does not work. Is this only for Germany? Too bad, Zemana is a quality product.

  • hardy

    Don’t bother with this.

    Everyone is finding out that first of all the license key ‘PROXMA-CHIP-2011′ for Zemana AntiKeylogger full version 1 year from PRO.DE did work, but now it says om installation that the key is invalid.

    This probably means Zemana and are still not friends and it has been blocked again like the last time.

    Anyone who actually got the key validated earlier on will now probably find out in 15 days they have been running the 15 day trial version from the time it was blocked!

  • Jan Kuiper

    Key isn’t working.

  • ricky

    Thanks for this information. Zemana antilogger is indeed a powerful software that protect PC users from keylogger.

  • Xlm110

    Key not working?