How To Enable/Disable New Facebook Timeline Profile NOW?

It is evaluated as the most profound changes which can be new Facebook’s evolution, what Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at the f8 conference in San Francisco Thursday (Sept 22nd, 2011) is not only a challenge to Google Plus and other social networks but also makes 800 million users fell both enjoyable and anxiety.

The interface change with TimeLine feature in redesign is the most intriguing. It is a new style of profile which is full of breakthrough.

How to Enable TimeLine Profile Feature?

If you’re willing to get into the brand-new Facebook Timeline, let’s follow some simple steps bellow:
– Login Facebook and access the developer app (click on Allow button)

How To Enable/Disable New Facebook Timeline Profile NOW?

– Click on Create New App button to create a new application (enter App display name, App namespace and captcha code). Don’t be worried, it’s a silent app!

Create app facebook

– On your new app, click on Open Graph tab, fill in anything you want then click on Get Start button.

Facebook Open Graph

get start with open graph

– Now, come back your Facebook profile, the TimeLine feature appears. Click on Get it now to enable the redesign profile with TimeLine.

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile redesign timeline

How to Disable TimeLine Profile Feature?

If you’re still not ready with the new interface and want to return to the old, let’s visit the Developer App again to click on the app which you created, then click on Delete App and confirm to disable.

Disable new facebook interface timeline

Do you like the new interface of Facebook?

  • spenser

    you changed my account to this stupid assed Timeline that I never wanted in the first place. Give me back MY page that I had before and get rid of this goddamned timeline

  • joshua

    will you please tell me how to get back my regular facebook page

  • jonathan

    i hate timeline take it away

  • Ted

    i do not like the timeline on my wall i liked my wall the way was b4 ya’ll chaned it without telling me,so can ya’ll place fix my wall without the timeline?

  • Ekrem Akın

    zaman tünelı

  • Wendy

    I Hate timeline!! I fallowed the directions and I still have timeline… thought it was going to go away?? What happened??

    • http://Facebook Jewels

      I want my Facebook back !! Followed all the directions….It’s still there ! Help .

  • mihdel

    I still freaking have my timeline..even if i followed all the steps!!

  • archar

    HELP! i clicked on timeline to only check it out. it confuses me.
    HOW to STOP timeline BEFORE it becomes effective?
    there is no delete app option.

  • harisnawaz

    how to remove timeline i jst hate it.

  • ichie calalay

    how to remove the timeline please.
    i can’t do it make it simple

  • ahmed ali

    it was usefull for me because there is no delete app option,

  • fuck facebook timeline

    Fuck you asshole and fuck the timeline! i want my old facebook back man!

  • Adriana Danielle T Feliciano

    How can i Get rid of the timeline please tell me

  • shakes manqele

    hi i am shakes of isikhondlakhondla community development organisation

  • dexter

    stop dis f@@@@@$$$$ timeline it’s getting me mad

  • Eric

    I want it removed from my profile. I having a little bit of a privacy issue here.

  • Cheryl

    PLEASE stop the new timeline! What I share with friends and family is NOT FOR the public world! I want my old page back. If anyone know hows to turn off the timeline please post the instructions. Many thanks to stop timeline.

    • justin

      i do not what this no more

  • Kelly

    I am frustrated as hell with this new “timline” I think that fb is going down hill because of it. I origanally joined fb to play games…and now with this timeline, gaming is impossible. In order to play games, you need to see posts, and well, since nobody sees my posts anymore, and nobody wants to take a computer course just to play the games on here, I believ that we should have the choice to go back and forth.
    I’m seriously thinking of deleting my profile all together. I have the new google thing, and since I can’t play my games on FB, I may as well stay in touch with my friends on Google and without the bull crap of confusion…
    You see, this Timeline has many of us disappointed with the experience. I for one, will never return and install this Timeline. Once and for all, I beg of you to please get rid of it and give us the option of keeping our lives private, but at the same time, fix all your issues before introducing new things…
    A VOTE would of saved a lot of time and money… I’m sorry for being rash, but I don’t see any other way…

  • Astro

    I originally enabled timeline because I wanted to be modern. Almost immediately afterwards, I regretted the fact. It’s very confusing, old profile posts everywhere, and disorganized as hell. Not impressed. Doesn’t help that we have no choice to get rid of it, unlike some sites where you have a choice between which type of layout you’d like.
    -.- please facebook, give us a choice. Freedom of speech.

  • Moon

    Hi, I just enabled the timeline fetures 3days ago.
    But I’ve facing one problem is that when I post an update (despite status, link, pics or whatever), it won’t be updated in my timeline homepage, (it appeared in news feed but not my timeline homepage).
    My “now” segment showing only updates posted 3 days ago.

    I paid a visit to my friends who are also using FB timeline, same thing, updates that I saw from their timeline homepages, were posted 3 days ago.

    Why is it so? Is it anyway to solve this ?

    Thanks for reply, much appreaciated!

  • Ryan

    Facebook timeline is bullshit. Fuck this.

  • Victor Stanescu

    Another small fast guide to enable the facebook timeline:

  • zubare

    awesome….hav a new profile timeline

  • Kathleen

    thanks so much! 😀

  • Jerry Samar Manzanilla

    New App
    You can no longer create apps because our systems indicated that your account may not be authentic. Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names, and fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR 4.1), even when used to host or test apps. Also note that maintaining multiple accounts, even if they are authentic, is also prohibited. If you would like to create a test user to test app functionality, you can do so here:

    If you believe you have received this message in error, please submit an appeal:

    App Display Name:
    App Namespace:

    You can update this later
    I agree to the Platform Privacy Policy.
    Please note that your app name cannot contain Facebook trademarks or have a name that can be confused with an app built by Facebook.


  • FB Covers

    Timeline is so cool, specially the profile cover. Thanks for this useful post.

  • pa

    wow… nice… thanx bro…

  • iphoness

    nice….thanks alot for sharing…

  • Gel

    Help! I removed the invite. How can I have it again? I tried repeating the steps but the invite won’t come out anymore.

    • zx

      On 29th/30th Sept, Fb is releasing the Timeline profile officially, so no need to worry. After fb login, just go to and Click the Sign me Up(green colored) and tats it, u’ll be notified when its released.

    • Yuri Faber

      i did the same thing and now i cannot get the invite, have you found another option?

  • Patrick suils

    Disable/Remove Facebook Timeline Related post is I Found in The Internet which is so good as Practically

  • Suman Thapa

    The “timeline” feature is superb.

  • zx

    After Clicking on Create New App button to create a new application (enter App display name, App namespace and captcha code). Its asking for verification(mobile phone/credit card). If so, how to remove the developer app login? Even in Privacy Settings, there is no option to remove Developer App. Pls help!

    • Editor

      Do you wanna remove the developer app? Please visit then click on Edit app button of the app which you’ve created and click Delete App. Your Facebook Timeline App is deleted and your profile is now back in the old Facebook Interface.

      • zx

        Its k… I’ve asked a different question on how to remove developer app and not the one which i created thru it. And i also asked another question that why are they asking verification(mobile phone/credit card)?

        • Editor

          Oh, I got this!
          1. How to remove developer app?
          Just visit the Developer App via the link at and click on Remove app (on the bottom left of the page)
          2. Why are they asking verification?
          I’m not sure for this problem. I join in as a developer on Facebook for a long time ago, and at that time, they weren’t asking any information such as mobile phone or credit card…from you.

          • Edward

            The verification is easy. Just go to facebook help center and search for ‘verify’. There should be an entry there in the results regarding the developer verification. A mobile phone enough to verify your developer account. It’s just like the account verification when you first sign up on facebook.