How to install Viber on PC no need Smartphone verified account?

Viber has just released 3.0.0 version with many advanced features (such as allows for sending video messages, the new design,…) and also launched Viber for desktop on Windows OS and Mac OS. That means now you can text and receive messages on both your smartphone/tablet and your PC desktop.
But if you don’t have a Viber account which verified (active) on smartphone/tablet, you can’t use Viber on your desktop. It’s really a bad luck for who aren’t using smartphone or tablet.

active viber PC desktop

This article, I will tell you how to install Viber on desktop without a Viber verified-on-smartphone/tablet-account. The summary idea of the article is running viber on a virtual machine and get the activation code on a real phone number, then using that phone number to active Viber desktop. And that means you don’t need to have a smartphone or tablet, what you need is:
1. Google account
2. A valid phone number
3. An Android virtual machine (BlueStacks, Android SDK Manager, AndroVM,…)

I recommend using BlueStacks just because BlueStacks is a simple and strong Android virtual machine but there is no need to config the software.

Install Viber on BlueStacks

Once you have BlueStacks installed, on the main screen of BlueStacks, click on the Search button and type “Viber” on the search box and hit on the first result (named Viber : Free Calls & Messages)

install viber desktop

Click on the first result (Viber : Free Calls & Messages)

BlueStacks will redirect to a popup which you will click on the Viber: Free Calls & Messages under the bag with Android icon on to install Viber from Google Play.

install viber desktop android virtual

Click on the icon under bag of Android icon

At this step, you will have to log in your Google account. Click on Install button on Google Play to install Viber.

Active Viber on Virtual Machine

After installing Viber on BlueStacks, you will have to active it with a valid phone number.
If Viber request access your address book and sync your contacts list, click OK

active viber desktop

Click on Continue button and enter your valid phone number

Click on Continue button, then enter your valid phone number. In a jiffy, you will receive a SMS from Viber to inform you about your activation code. Enter your activation code and now your phone number is your Viber ID.

Using Viber Desktop

Viber desktop is now active on both Windows OS and Mac OS. Download Viber Desktop here.

After installing Viber desktop, the Viber screen shows you: “Do you have Viber on your mobile phone?”, click on Yes

active viber on PC desktop

Click YES

Then enter your phone number as your Viber ID.
Now, turn to BlueStacks, you will receive a message from Viber informs you the Activation code for Viber Desktop. Likes this:
Activation code viber desktop

Enter the code to Viber desktop and click Enter Viber

Active Viber Windows OS

Click Enter Viber


Now you can start to using Viber Desktop but no need a viber account on mobile phone first, without smartphone and tablet!

  • amir

    i installed blustacks but i clicked on search button and wrote “viber” but no apps related to viber free messages & calls in the list. although there were some apps such as “viber lock” “viber wallpaper” “viber random chat” and ets. plz help me to install

    • Freebiest

      Hi Amir!

      Sorry for my late in reply. My Bluestacks is still working to install viber as my above tips, but if it doesn’t work for you, let’s try AndroVM instead of Bluestacks. You can download AndroVM at